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Maryland Made & Connected

Innovation Gateway is an online community bridging the gap between:

  • entrepreneurs
  • economic development organizations
  • strategic partners
  • investors

Who it works for

✔ Entrepreneurs

  • Connect with the right resources at the right time
  • Eliminate the frustration of trying to network in the unknown
  • Get assistance from resources you may not have known about

✔ Investors

  • Receive qualified small businesses matched to your investment profile
  • Maintain anonymity until you are ready to connect
  • Review the best matches and start due diligence at arm’s length

✔ Tech Associations & Alliances

  • Find new members through automated profile matching
  • Improve quality of networking among members and sponsors
  • Create event/activity profiles to match member profiles

✔ Incubators & Accelerators

  • Have qualified applicants reviewed for screening and scoring
  • Review profiles on tenants and affiliates to aid in development
  • Monitor profiles of graduates to assess follow-on impact

✔ Large Corporations

  • Expand your supply chain
  • Have small business profiles matched to your project needs
  • Find small businesses with high tech differentiators

✔ Economic Development Organizations

  • Companies automatically find your programs
  • Easily access portfolio companies to track their status and progress
  • Refer portfolio company profiles to others

How It Works

Our community is driven by hundreds of startups, state and local economic development organizations, strategic partners, large corporations and early stage investors.

Talk to any local entrepreneur

...and you’ll hear the same story of frustrations and unknowns.
Where to go for advice, education and seed funding?
How to find strategic partners or the right investor?

Here's how Innovation Gateway helps:


Complete a profile to connect with the economic ecosystem across the state.


Find Matches

Based on personally selected qualifiers, the extensive database recommends partners and facilitates connections.

Create Relationships

Identify resources and connect with qualified matches through
email notifications, messaging and private conversations.

Continue Building

Connect with new stakeholders as the entrepreneur grows, updates their information and forms new deals.


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Why It Works

Connect with the right resources, at the right time.


Innovation Gateway allows entrepreneurs to build and grow sustainable Maryland-based businesses faster than ever before.

Simplified Process

All resources can be found in one platform, so you never have to look elsewhere.

Intelligent Database

Connect to a network of partners and resources to build relationships at the time you need them.

Privacy Settings

Various privacy controls ensure a secure platform.

From investment to long-term planning, Innovation Gateway connects entrepreneurs with resources for every step of the growth process.


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